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Kobe Van Gompel BE Fratelli Team Mechelen M 2006
Nina Van den Eynde BE Fratelli Team Mechelen W 1999
Kato Van  Gompel BE Fratelli Team Mechelen W 2003
Matthijs Janssen NL Vereniging IJssport Leiderdorp M 2000
Floortje Janssen NL Vereniging IJssport Leiderdorp W 2003
Jessica  Baumgardt DE Blau-Gelb Gross-Gerau W 2004
Rika Van Gompel BE Fratelli Team Mechelen W 2004
Yannick Callaert BE Fratelli Team Mechelen M 2004
Quinten Callaert BE Fratelli Team Mechelen M 2007
Tibo Vanhove BE Rolschaatsclub Heverlee M 1998
shirley coene BE Inline Team Brugse Skeelerclub W 1996
Laura Zondler DE TSuGV Großbettlingen W 2003
Juliette Pouydebat FR PIBRAC ROLLER SKATING W 1990
Leonie Florence Ohl DE Blau-Gelb Gross-Gerau W 2004
Lotte Verburgh BE Zwaantjes Rollerclub Zandvoorde W 2006
David Holmes NL ASV M 2002
Jocelyne Seys BE Zwaantjes Rollerclub Zandvoorde W 2006
Hanne Dejonghe BE Inline Team Brugse Skeelerclub W 2002
Xander Tetaert BE Zwaantjes Rollerclub Zandvoorde M 2004


PostHeaderIcon International Speedskating Event-EC 2017 Mechelen

Fratelli Team Mechelen is proud to organize the 16th International Speedskating Event in Mechelen, Belgium!

These races will enclose the 6th stage of the European Cup 2017.

SAVE THE DATES 12-13-14 MAY 2017, because you're invited to come to our races!

The Fratelli race track is located at Sportscomplex Geerdegemvaart, Leliestraat in 2800 Mechelen. Here you can find more information about the location.

Races will be held on Friday the 12th of May (from 18:00), Saturday the 13th of May (from 09:00) and Sunday the 14th of May (from 09:00).

Details for registration, payment and program will be published later!

All categories are allowed to the race in Mechelen!

invitation ecup 2017b.png - 89.21 Kb


PostHeaderIcon Ecup 2016 aftermath

The European Cup 2016 in Mechelen was great:

We thank all athletes (and their entourage) for turning this edition again into a successful one and we appreciate your trust in our organization!

The weather conditions for the races were exceptionally good, the entire program was completed, and due to almost 300 participants the atmosphere was great so we can speak of a very nice weekend once again.

We hope that every skater found satisfaction in what he has achieved during this weekend.  A special mention to Brittany Bowe, who set a new track record in Mechelen on the 300m TT.  Her 26,044 was close to the official world record of 25,993.

We want to thank:

·         The volunteers from Red Cross for their medical surveillance.

·         The Police from the city of Mechelen, who surveyed over the safety of our event.

·         SAM Mechelen for their cooperation and help.

·         The fire brigade of Mechelen for their quick response, when intervention was needed.

·         The time keeping team from Zwaantjes Roller Club Zandvoorde.

·         Uwe Zeidler and his team for the Livestream and technical assistance.

·         The team of national and international referees under supervision of Eric Devos.

·         Our sponsors for their financial support.

·         And last but not least the many volunteers from Fratelli Team Mechelen.

All results can be found here:

Other articles:



On (dutch):


We hope to see you all again next year!


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De wijzigingen aan het programma voor zondag :

Changes to the program on Sunday:



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Voor live beelden van de Europacup kan u terecht op :

For live footage of the Eurocup go to :